About Kilo Ltd - UK Food Ingredients Supplier

Kilo was founded in 2003 by Mark Taylor, in response to the need for a truly reliable, responsible and stable trading partner in the food ingredient and preservative industry.

Knowledge, transparency, reliability and quality assurance are some of the critical core values on which Kilo has succeeded. Nearly 2 decades of import, storage and supply chain management have made us a well-established, premier trader for the food ingredient, preservative and functional chemical markets in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

We aim to develop long term, secure and stable relationships with our customers and trading partners. As a business, we build these relationships by focusing on providing a quality product, service & support at a competitive price. We also provide stocks with no hidden strings attached, giving you a transparent offer.

At Kilo, our team are focused on finding you the best solution for you through an honest, straightforward and supportive service. From initial NPD work right the way through to production, our sales team give you a reliable and credible link to the world's supply network. Kilo gives you peace of mind that you get quality options with solid product integrity – traceable every step of the way.

With a dedicated purchasing team with over 30 years of industry experience, we have a wide range of connections with significant raw material manufacturers and speciality traders. Each carefully selected partner undergoes a strict vetting and approval process as per our BRC accreditation, and are GFSI approved (where applicable).

These approvals and partnerships are in place to make sure we are receiving the best quality product possible at the best price available. Our work means you can get the right materials with every controllable aspect covered, assuring you of quality and peace of mind.

With all this in mind, why would you settle for anything less? Kilo Ltd has these qualities and is a leading UK ingredient and preservative trader because of them. Allow us to show you why numerous companies choose us as their leading supplier for their ingredient needs.

Storage, Logistics & Quality Standards

Our on-site purpose-built 50,000 square foot warehouse holds over 200 products across 5,000 pallet spaces. This space provides the flexibility and stability to supply our core range of products in most volumes, right when you need them. We are also BRC, Kosher and SEDEX certified. As such, it is evident that we can both meet your service demands, but without compromising on quality.

If we do not have your required ingredient listed in stock, our highly skilled purchasing team are here to help. Using experience and knowledge, our team negotiate diligently to competitively source the product from our vast, worldwide supply chain of manufacturers, partners and speciality traders. From there the stock is provided to you promptly with all the supporting documentation you may require.

Over the years, Kilo has developed a positive reputation as a dependable, no-nonsense distributor. Whether supplying a new venture to major blue-chip organisations, we work efficiently and competitively. What's more, is we do this while still keeping our high demands on the quality that the market needs. We demand the best value, so you only receive this in return.

Our dedicated quality department is always on hand to support you. The team endeavour to provide all of the information required to give you complete assurance and details of our products and supply chain. They can help with approvals, clarification and technical documentation - supporting your brand from new product development through to mass production. Your confidence in our process and our products are paramount in achieving real success together.

So feel free to get in touch to learn more about Kilo and see how we can assist your business. Discover why we are seen as one of the UK's best suppliers for food ingredients, additives, preservatives and functional chemicals today!

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