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Kilo Ltd is a leading supplier and distributor of food ingredients, preservatives and functional chemicals within the UK. Founded in 2003, we have extensive experience in supplying to a wide range of UK Industries. This range includes the import, supply, and distribution of ingredients, preservatives and chemicals.

Located in the West Midlands, Kilo has ideal access to the national motorway network. This allows us to fulfil deliveries quickly and efficiently across the United Kingdom & Ireland. All to provide you stock when you require it.

As a leading UK supplier of food ingredients, we pride ourselves on being a strong, reliable and quality trading partner. This is to our customers and supply sources regardless of size and location on the chain. This is achieved through openness and honesty with suppliers as well as with the transparency of our offers to our customers.

That means no hidden fees, charges or unexpected extras when your invoice arrives! This makes your food ingredients, UK VAT suitable and easy to work with from application to accounting.

What else would you expect from a leading additive and preservative supplier?

Our on-site, purpose-built warehouse holds hundreds of products across thousands of pallet spaces. All to give flexibility to supply our core product range in most volumes when you need it. This gives all of our customers a solid core range of goods that can be delivered promptly when needed. That gives you control over your stocks and needs.

With our BRC accreditation, Kosher certification, and SEDEX registration, we have are a dependable and quality option for our customers. We meet your service demands, and all without compromising on providing you with quality in doing so. Our quality ingredients will help your end product stand out from the crowd.

If your required ingredient, preservative or additive is not stocked among our extensive range, our purchasing team here to help. They will aim to source the product from our worldwide supply chain of manufacturers, partners & specialty traders. this is what makes us your go-to food ingredients trader, UK wide.

This will be done to get your item at the best price and whilst maintaining our high standards to quality. From there we can deliver it to you as quickly and effectively as possible. We are here to supply you with all the ingredients you may require to succeed.

Over the years, Kilo has developed a genuine reputation as a dependable and no-nonsense distributor. We supply the business needs of everything from start-ups through to major blue chip companies both effectively and easily. We will achieve this all whilst still maintaining and surpassing the high market demands on quality.

We aim to keep this standard and continue our top position as a market leading preservative supplier in the UK. So, whether you require food ingredients, functional chemicals, additives for your cosmetics or preservatives - Kilo has it all. Our ingredients supplement the food industry, sports nutrition gurus, e liquid wizards and much, much more.

So feel free to get in touch to learn more about Kilo and see how we can assist your business. Discover why we are seen as one of the UK's best suppliers for food ingredients, additives, preservatives and functional chemicals today!

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Here at Kilo Ltd we quote with no hidden charges!

State of the Art Location

Multi-million pound investment in order to provide a quality and efficient service to our customers.

Quality & Traceability

A skilled and dedicated quality team are on hand to provide you with all accreditations and quality assurance of our goods.

Reliability & Credibility

We value openness and honesty with our customers and strive to provide transparency whilst following through on our promises to be your reliable and credible source for ingredients.

Industries We Serve

Food & Beverage Ingredients Preview Spices Supply

Food & Beverage

Our ingredients range from preservatives, sweeteners, raising agents, phosphates, thickeners, emulsifiers, starches & acidity regulators. Industries including drinks companies, bakeries, ice cream, confectionery, dairy, and beyond use these. So if you need ingredients for food, drink or anything in between, Kilo has you covered.

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Sports Nutrition Ingredient Supply

Sports Nutrition

Our range of products include protein powders, sweeteners & vitamins to acidity regulators and preservatives. We have become a key source for product development and supply to sports nutrition customers. We can add value to your range with quality and ease. Quality foods require quality ingredients, so Kilo is your quality choice.

If any of these are of interest, please click below for more information.

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Pharmaceutical Ingredients Supply

Cosmetics & Pharmaceutical

Whether you are manufacturing the latest medication or making soaps and bath bombs, we can supply the raw materials you need. This includes pH buffers, oils and beyond. Our range of chemicals and additives make your supply chain simpler.

For a detailed list, click below and see if we are able to help you as a leading UK ingredients trader.

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Industrial Chemical Supply

Industrial & General

We can supply a range of Acids, Antifoams, Phosphates, and Thickeners to a range of businesses. Whether you manufacture detergents or produce a range of cement - we have the high-quality products you need to succeed. With our functional chemicals, we aid countless businesses up and down the United Kingdom and Ireland.

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Industrial Chemical Supply


In this ever-growing industry, we supply ingredients like Vegetable Glycerine (VG), Mono Propylene Glycol (PG), Nicotine and mouth-watering flavours. We buy both VG and PG in bulk tankers and fill them off on-site here in the West Midlands. All into our purpose-built clean room.

For a full range of our VG, PG, Nicotine and Flavours, click below.

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Not enough?

BRC Accredited - Grade AA

AA Grade BRC highlights our excellence in quality, safety, traceability and food standards on site.

Ample Pallet Storage in our Warehouse

Ample space on-site to hold our vast range of stocked products and contracted items. All to provide you with security for any pre-orders and food ingredients needs.

1,000s of pallets processed monthly

Regular, large deliveries and despatches to key UK customers.

A Blue map of the UK
Solar Panelling On-Site

To show our dedication to environmental awareness our site produces energy via solar panels and is self-sufficient.

Fully Certified & Dedicated Clean Room

Certified to BRC Standards, our Glycerine and MPG are filled to the strictest standards.

Kosher Certified

Our Glycerine is fully KLBD Kosher Certified and Compliant.

Centrally located in England for rapid despatch throughout the UK and Ireland. Food Ingredients Supply from our door to yours.

Our Accreditations

BRC Accredited Supplier

AA-Grade BRC Accredited

Kosher Certified Glycerine

Kosher Certified

SEDEX Approved Supplier

SEDEX Approved and Registered