CAS Number: 50-99-7

E-Number: E1200

EC Number: 200-075-1

Mol. Formula: C6H14O7

Pack Sizes


25 Kilo Bag Option Dextrose

Overview: What is Dextrose Monohydrate?

Dextrose is a naturally occurring sugar found in all plants and animals. It is also known as "grape sugar" or "blood sugar". With such a comprehensive source, you can find Dextrose within a range of applications. When being applied, commonly found to be 70-80% as sweet in comparison to table sugar.

Dextrose is manufactured from a range of starches. The process traditionally uses water to break down complex carbohydrates into smaller molecules with the use of enzymes. It is essentially similar to the mechanism the human body has to break down starchy foods.

Dextrose is a genuinely versatile sweetener. Its composition helps keep freezing temperatures low, disperses in mixes well and beyond. As many such foods ranging from ice cream and bread to biscuits, flavour blends and beyond - you can see just how vital Dextrose can be. Beyond these, you can also find Dextrose within alcoholic beverages, sugar replacements in sports nutrition and medicines for its quick-release benefits.

With such a flexible product, it is no surprise that businesses take advantage of it within their production. Dextrose is sold as a white, near-odourless powder and has a mildly sweet taste.

Dextrose at Kilo Ltd.

As mentioned previously, this flexibility makes Dextrose vital to manufacturers within the UK - as such Kilo's position as a critical supplier of the UK's Dextrose highlights our quality within the industry. This quality filters through so many facets - ranging from product quality, accreditation, value and many more.

Here at Kilo, we supply quality Dextrose to a range of businesses up and down the country in a breadth of volume options as well. Our customer-focused aim, coupled with our flexibility, BRC quality storage and processes, allows us to provide massive value to our customers. Our values all work in tandem to our competitive costing to offer our real value to customers, making us the go-to UK supplier of Dextrose.

With our status as one of the core suppliers of ingredients, preservatives and chemicals in the UK, Kilo matches this with our previously mentioned values and qualities. Customer centred quality, credibility and integrity define our processes from start to finish, all the while providing the market needs as efficiently as possible.

We continue to cement our position the preferred and dependable source to all ingredients, such as our Dextrose stocks, to customers in the UK. This dependability comes alongside the highly accredited sources - all to guarantee quality direct to your door.

So if this information is of use and you would require more information, details or anything else - Kilo can help with all of your needs. Feel free to call our office on 01384 293 222 or email via the buttons on the page, and we shall assist however possible.

Industry Applications

Foods | Cereals, Confectionart, Dairy, Baked Goods, Ice Creams, Meats, Dressings
Beverages | Alcoholic Beverages, Carbonated Drinks, Flavoured Water, Sports Drinks
Pharmaceutical | Sugar Replacement, Medicine, Over the Counter Products

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