CAS Number: 24634-61-5

E-Number: E202

EC Number: ---

Mol. Formula: C6H7KO2

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25 Kilo Bag Option for Potassium Sorbate

What is Potassium Sorbate?

Potassium Sorbate is a chemical compound that is frequently used as a food preservative. It is a salt of Sorbic Acid, which is an organic compound that is naturally found in some fruits and berries. Potassium Sorbate is widely used in the UK food industry to increase the shelf life of various products, including baked goods, dairy products, and beverages, as it is effective at inhibiting the growth of bacteria, yeast, and mould. Additionally, it is safe for consumption and has no impact on the taste, texture, or colour of the food product.

In the UK, Potassium Sorbate is approved for use in food and beverages by the Food Standards Agency (FSA), which regulates food safety and standards. It is also approved by the European Union as a food additive, and its use is permitted across the European Economic Area (EEA). The manufacturing process of Potassium Sorbate involves reacting Sorbic Acid with Potassium Hydroxide, with careful control of temperature and pH to ensure that the final product meets the required specifications.

Potassium Sorbate is a popular food preservative that is widely used in the food industry. It is commonly used in a variety of products, including baked goods, dairy products, and beverages. Potassium Sorbate prevents the growth of mould and yeast in food products, which helps to increase their shelf life. Additionally, it is safe for consumption and has no impact on the taste, texture, or colour of the food product.

Apart from its use as a food and beverage preservative, Potassium Sorbate has various other applications as well. It is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry as an antimicrobial agent in topical creams and ointments. It is also used in cosmetic products, such as lotions and shampoos, to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi. Due to its versatility and effectiveness, Potassium Sorbate has become a popular ingredient in a wide range of products, making it an essential component in many industries.

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Industry Applications

Foods | Baked Goods, Rehydrated Fruit, Yoghurts, Cheeses, Dried Meats
Beverages | Creams, Wine, Cider, Beer, Soft Drinks
Pharmaceutical | Topical Medications
Cosmetic | Lipstick, Moisturisers, Shampoo, Soaps


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