CAS Number: 7631-86-9

E-Number: E551

EC Number: 231-545-4

Mol. Formula: SiO2

Pack Sizes


25 Kilo Bag Option for Silicon Dioxide

Overview: What is Silicon Dioxide?

An oxide of silicon, Silicon Dioxide is commonly produced as a white silica powder from a range of sources. Its structure makes it a very low-density material, easily applicable to a range of products.

The production of Silicon Dioxide is primarily done through mining and purifying quartz. A finer and more pure product does also occur with various chemical processing. There are countless routes to manufacture Silicon Dioxide in-depth, ranging from precipitation, microchips, combustion and many more. The method used is rooted in the Silica used to start with (such as Silane, TEOS, Sodium Silicate etc.). From here, it is separated from the other composition products before being purified and packaged.

The primary application of Silicon Dioxide is as an anti-caking agent in a range of products. These include foods, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and many more.

Industrial applications of Silicon Dioxide are varied, including Concrete, Glass and many more. The Concrete industry accounts for up to 95% of the industrial use of Silicon Dioxide. The other primary industries are the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Within these industries, it is a specific product as an anti-caking agent in various items such as seasoning blends, coffee creamer, spices, tablets and much more. Cosmetics use it as a natural absorbent and light diffuser in products such as sun-screens.

Silicon Dioxide at Kilo Ltd.

Silicon Dioxide is a well-used product with several niches of value. This is an item, as we supply this regularly, is held on-site in Kilo's BRC Accredited warehouses. We can sell from a single bag to pallet lots and beyond to provide the customer with the perfect product direct to their door.

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Industry Applications

Foods | Seasoning Blends, Coffee Creamer, Spices
Pharmaceutical | Medicinal Tablets and Powders
Cosmetic | Sun Screens, Powdered Compounds

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