CAS Number: 8002-43-5

E-Number: E222

EC Number: 232-307-2

Mol. Formaula: C35H66NO7P

Pack Sizes


25 Kilo Plastic Bag Option for Soya Lecithin 25 Kilo Poly Option for Soya Lecithin

Overview: What is Soya Lecithin?

A yellow-brown fatty powder or solution, Soya Lecithin is a lipid made from the Soybean. It is a popular agent in various applications for its amphiphilic nature (binds to both water and fats).

Commercially produced Soya Lecithin occurs as a mixture of phospholipids in oil by the water degumming of soybean oil. Once this has occurred, a final process dependent on whether the final product is a powder or a liquid will happen, forming the related product. A Soya Lecithin solution is kept as an oil, purified and cleaned before packaging and despatch. However, if the Lecithin is a powder, the oils are dried and milled into a powder.

Soya Lecithin is a powerful emulsifier, lubricant and surfactant. As a non-toxic product, you see it as a valued addition to many applications compared to other food emulsifiers.

The applications of Soya Lecithin range throughout the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and even some industrial applications. Some food applications include an emulsifier in chocolates and spreads through to improving texture in baked goods. Pharmaceutical companies use a range of Lecithins as a stabilizer, carrier and more in a range of encapsulation and dispersion agents. Finally, industrial applications generally include use in paint manufacture and as a lubrication agent.

Soya Lecithin at Kilo Ltd.

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Industry Applications

Foods | Confectionary, Chocolate, Margerines, Baking, Cocoa BUtter, Cooking Sprays
Pharmaceutical | Encapsulated Medications, Dispersible Medicines, Intravenous Infusions
Industrial | Paints, Printer Inks, Metalworks, Lubricants


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