CAS Number: 7758-87-4

E-Number: E341

EC Number: ---

Mol. Formula: Ca3(PO4)2

Pack Sizes


25 Kilo Bag Option for Tri Calcium Phospahte

What is Tri Calcium Phospahte?

Tri Calcium Phosphate (TCP) is a white, odourless powder with the chemical formula Ca3(PO4)2. It is a calcium salt of phosphoric acid commonly used as a dietary supplement due to its high calcium content. It is also in other food, pharmaceutical, and industrial sector applications.

Production of Tri Calcium Phosphate occurs by reacting calcium oxide with phosphoric acid in a controlled environment. The resulting product is then purified and dried into the final TCP powder. Alternatively, production can involve reacting calcium carbonate with phosphoric acid to produce a calcium phosphate, which is then calcined to form TCP. These processes are adjustable to make TCP with varying particle sizes and purity levels to suit different applications.

The Food Industry uses Tri Calcium Phosphate as a food additive, especially in dairy products, baked goods, and processed foods. It is used as a source of calcium to fortify foods and prevent calcium deficiency. It is also a leavening agent in baking and an anti-caking agent in powdered foods. In the UK, TCP is regulated by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) as a safe food additive with no known adverse effects on human health when consumed in the recommended amounts.

In the pharmaceutical industry, TCP is a binder and filler in tablet and capsule formulations. It is also an excipient in various drug formulations. In the industrial sector, Tri Calcium Phosphate is a part of several applications, including as a filler in plastics, a flame retardant in textiles, and a polishing agent in glass production. Finally, it is in animal feed as a source of calcium and phosphorus for livestock.

Tri Calcium Phospahte at Kilo Ltd.

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Industry Applications

Foods | Low-Fat Dairy, Seasoning, Confectionary, Puddings, Cheese, Condiments, Meats
Beverage | Wine, Soft Drinks, Juice, Milks
Pharmaceutical | Antacids, Medication
Cosmetics | Toothpaste, Moisturiser
Industrial | Plastics, Flame Retardant, Polishing Agent, Animal Feed

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