CAS Number: 9005-25-8

E-Number: Various

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5 and 25 Kilo Poly Drum Options

Also known as Maize Starch, Corn Starch is a white to off-white powder manufactured from the endosperm of maize kernels. It has been used for decades, starting initially as an industrial additive before gradually expanding into its now primary niche of food manufacture.

It is most commonly used today as a thickening agent. As such, you can find this in a range of foods. This is due to this and its comparatively inexpensive cost compared to gums and other thickeners. As a result, it is ideal for products such as soups, sauces, gravies and beyond. What makes Corn Starch more appealing is that it does not make your final product cloudy and translucent like standard flours can do.

Beyond thickening, you can see the use of Corn Starch in a range of other food applications – whether this is as an anticaking agent in powdered sugars or even as a bulking agent for yoghurts and cheeses – you can always find options for Corn Starch to be a valuable ingredient in your arsenal.

Other industries that use corn starch include cosmetics, pharmaceutical and even industrial manufacturers. You can find it as the key component in baby powders, in a number of pharmaceutical products as a blood sugar maintenance aid, an anti-stick agent for latex and even as the primary starching agent when laundrettes starch clothes (as the name suggests).

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