Kilo Ltd - What is Lactic Acid

CAS Number: 50-21-5 or 79-33-4 /h6>
E-Number: E270

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5 and 25 Kilo Poly Drum Options

Lactic Acid is a staple in various products within food, pharmaceutical, beverage and even within some industrial cleaning applications. More "natural" sources include most lactose based items such as cheeses, kefir and many more, but can also be manufactured artificially.

Lactic Acid is a staple within countless businesses in food, drink, pharmaceuticals and beyond. Whether this is within alcohol in the production of "Belgian-Style" beers or to reduce sharpness in wines, you can find this as a common addition. Typical food applications include as a preservative, flavouring and curing agent, controlling bacteria and preserve flavours all while reducing sodium content.

These are just some of the many applications that are available for this product. You can find Lactic Acid available in two primary forms - an 80% solution or as a 60% powder. It is a colourless solution or a white powder.

Through all of the applications within the vast industry applications, Lactic Acid has become a fulcrum of many products. Here at Kilo, we work alongside market leaders in the manufacturing of Lactic Acid to provide us with all of the attributes to lead the pack in supplying to the UK with ease.

Our partners match our values here at Kilo, all to supply our customers with the best product at the best price. These benefits are passed straight down the supply chain to give the best possible end product and service viable.

With all of this information, Kilo focusses on providing products that match our values of quality, integrity and XXX. As such, being a leading supplier of Lactic Acid, we provide the best ingredients available. As a result, we are a critical source to provide the nation with its needs. Our highly accredited Lactic Acid we supply to provide our customers with assurances that they will receive the perfect product.

So if the information helps and you would like further information, or perhaps pricing on your next order, Kilo is happy to oblige. Please contact us today and discover how we can help you supply the nation with critical ingredients for your projects. Feel free to call on 01384 293 222 or email using one of the buttons to the right of the text for further assistance.

Industry Applications

Foods | Cereals, Confectionart, Dairy, Baked Goods, Ice Creams, Fruits
Beverages | Fruit Juices, Alcoholic Beverages, Carbonated Drinks, Flavoured Water
Pharmaceutical | Food Supplements, Medicines
Industrial | Industrial Cleaners, Surface Care


This information is provided as a guide and is by no means legally binding. Suggestions on dosage rates, specific applications and anything else related to detailed quality information can be provided by our quality team or requested directly to our manufacturer.