CAS Number: 56-81-5

E-Number: E422

EC Number: 200-289-5

Mol. Formula: C3H8O3

Pack Sizes

5L (6.25kg), 25L (31.25kg), 208L (260kg), 1000L (1250kg) IBC

Glycerine, Glycerol VG 5 and 25 Kilo Poly Drum Option Icon Glycerine, Glycerol, VG 260 Kilo Drum Option Icon Glycerine, Glycerol, VG 1250kg IBC Option Icon

Overview: What is Glycerine?

Glycerine (also known as Glycerol) is a colourless, non-toxic, sweet liquid with a broad range of applications. These applications include use as a mild sweetener, emollient, solvent, humectant and even as a thickening agent. There are two primary sources available; "mixed vegetable" or "rapeseed" derived. The latter is available for companies that need a "non-palm" option for their needs.

The production of Glycerine can occur both in a "natural" and synthetic method. The natural method occurs when fatty acid esters are combined with lye. This is the general route for the creation of soaps, with glycerine being produced as a by-product that can be separated. Additionally a more recent route is also as a by-product, but from biodiesel production. Synthetic production is made through propylene or propene. Synthetic Production has been slowly increasing relative to the natural routes.

For applications, you commonly find it retaining moisture in baked goods, stabilising ice creams and even sweetening condensed milk. Other products include within cough syrups, moisturisers, hand sanitisers and many more. A newer but rapidly growing application is within the Vape Industry. Commonly known as "VG", it is used as a solid base for all of the flavours, additives and nicotine to create the final e-liquid for retail. The VG is also the reason for the trademark "cloud" you associate with vaping.

Glycerine at Kilo Ltd.

With all of these applications, quality is critical. To this end, Glycerine needs to be both pure and suitably certified to be proven as a quality option. Here at Kilo, we are among the largest traders of Glycerine within the UK and Ireland. Kilo holds pure stocks (minimum purity of 99.5%) and accredited to both BRC and Kosher standards. We then store these stocks on-site within our substantial storage facility to deliver to you quickly and efficiently. We aim to be a quality supplier of Glycerine by doing all of this without compromising on price, volume or quality.

We have traded and Supplied Glycerine for nearly two decades and a such have delat with countless applications, requests, queries and beyond, so we are able to add our expertise to make our Glycerine supply all the more valuable.

Whether you require 5L, 25L, 208L or 1000L packages, Kilo can supply it to suit your needs without any issue. Should you require pricing, information, or anything in between - please feel free to get in touch today and discover why Kilo is the UK's go-to supplier for Glycerine in the UK. Get in touch using the links on the website, the buttons on this page or call on 01384 293 222, and we will assist you promptly.

Industry Applications

Foods | Bakery, Cereals, Flavours, Snacks, Confectionary
Pharmaceutical/Cosmetics | Moisturisers, Soaps, Deodorants, Toothpastes, Shampoos, Mouthwash, Cough Syrups
Eliquid | VG (Main Component in Eliquids)
Others | Artificial Smoke/Fog, Candles

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