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Kilo Ltd is the premier supplier and distributor of food ingredients, preservatives and functional chemicals within the UK. Founded in 2003, have extensive experience in a wide range of UK Industries. This includes from the import, supply, and distribution of ingredients, preservatives and chemicals.

Located in Kingswinford, West Midlands, Kilo has ideal access to the national motorway network. This allows us to fulfil deliveries quickly and efficiently to the United Kingdom, Ireland and beyond, letting you have your goods as quickly as possible.

We pride ourselves on being a strong, reliable and truly quality trading partner. This is the case with both our suppliers and customers. This is all done through our honesty with suppliers and with the transparency of our offers. That means no hidden fees, charges or unexpected extras when your invoice arrives!

What else would you expect from a leading food ingredients supplier?

Our on-site and purpose-built, 50,000 square foot warehouse holds in excess of 200 products across 5,000 pallet spaces. This gives us room to supply our core product range in most volumes when you need it. This gives all of our customers a solid core range of goods that can be delivered promptly when needed. That means you don’t have any delays in your stock arriving after ordering that can be controlled.

If you also add to this that we are BRC accredited, Kosher certified, and SEDEX registered, we become an even more dependable and quality option. We meet your service demands, and all without compromising on providing you with quality in doing so.

If your required ingredient, preservative or additive is not stocked among our extensive range of over 200 lines, we have a skilled purchasing team here to help. They will aim to source the product from our worldwide supply chain of manufacturers, partners & specialty traders. This will be done to get them at the best price and value option possible. From there we can deliver it to you as quickly and effectively as possible.

Over the years, Kilo has developed a genuine reputation as a dependable, no-nonsense distributor. We supply the business needs of start-ups through to major blue chips, both efficiently and competitively. And this is all whilst still maintaining and surpassing the high market demands on quality. We aim to keep this standard and continue our position as the premier preservative supplier in the UK.

So feel free to learn more about ourselves on the website or feel free to get in touch. We will be happy to assist however you need. Discover why we are seen as one of the UK's best suppliers for food ingredients, additives, preservatives and functional chemicals today!

Here at Kilo Ltd we quote with no hidden charges!

Industries we Serve

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Food & Beverage

Our core strength, and by far the largest market we service, is the Food and Beverage sector. We supply cottage industries right through to major high street, recognised retailers and blue-chip businesses. Our product range includes preservatives, sweeteners, raising agents, phosphates, thickeners, emulsifiers, colours, starches, acidity regulators, enzymes, vitamins, antioxidants, flavours & dietary fibres. Just some of the many sectors we cover include:

Bakeries (traditional and gluten-free), ice cream, confectionery, dairy, processed foods, meats, soft beverages, alcoholic beverages, vineyards, preserves, condiments, cereals, toll blenders, spice blenders & frozen foods.

Click below for a list of suggested products that we currently supply to food and beverage companies. If what you are looking for is not there, please just ask and we will be happy to try and help. Find out today why we are the go-to supplier for food ingredients, additives and preservatives, UK-wide.

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Sports Nutrition

We supply many of the major UK brands along with a large number of smaller independent producers currently. Kilo is their option for competitively priced, quality sports nutrition ingredients.

We can supply protein powders, sweeteners, vitamins, extracts, flavours, acidity regulators, preservatives, nutritional ingredients, supplements, fibres & emulsifiers.

We have become the key source for new product development and supply to sports nutrition customers nationwide.

Want to see a general list of ingredients? Click below and see why we are one of the UK's premier ingredients traders.

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Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical

Whether you are manufacturing soaps, bath bombs, medicinal or skincare products, we can supply the high-quality raw materials you need.

This includes buffering agents, surfactants, oils, humectants, emulsifiers, antioxidants, preservatives, flavours, fragrances or extracts.

Kilo works with a range of companies both big and small, supplying the UK with its personal care, cosmetics & pharmaceutical needs.

For a list of products, click below and see if we are able to help you. If there are any items that aren't listed, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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Industrial & General

We can supply a range of products for industries including, ceramics, glass, detergents, cleaners, plastics, textile, paper, adhesives, sealants, metal finishing, agriculture, coating & water treatment.

Products range from phosphates and acids to antifoams, thickeners, fillers & additives to name a few.

So whether you need one bag or a pallet, feel free to get in touch and we shall assist where possible.

Click here for more details and we shall help where we can.

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In this ever-growing market, Kilo Ltd supplies the majority of the major UK manufacturers, and many of the smaller independent ones too. Kilo is now synonymous in the UK for quality service & products to e-liquid brands and manufacturers.

For Vegetable Glycerine (VG), Mono Propylene Glycol (PG), Pharmaceutical grade nicotine, Menthol Crystals and a range of mouth-watering flavours, Kilo should be your number one choice.

We buy both VG and PG in bulk tankers, filling off on-site here in the West Midlands. This is done in our purpose-built, BRC / Kosher accredited warehouse and clean room.

For a full range of our VG, PG, Nicotine & Flavours, click below.

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