Company Values

As a business, our primary vision is to supply quality ingredients whilst being honest, efficient and credible across our network. We offer the best ingredients and preservatives from our vast network of manufacturers and sources to provide a wide range of products to meet our customers' exacting standards.

We achieve our quality and traceability focus by constant investment in our team to provide them with support and training. We also invest time fostering relationships with suppliers to best support our customers and their needs.

Our BRC, Kosher and SEDEX approvals highlight our high standards of quality, customer-focussed success and top to bottom traceability and sustainability goals. We aim to maintain robust and consistent procedures in every aspect of our business to maintain growth.

The team excels through an environment focused on openness, honesty and positivity. Kilo supports team development by management and colleagues to maximise our team's potential, all whilst encouraging individuality and allowing customers to benefit. With a more natural yet focused approach from their dedicated area account managers, we want our business to assist customers' needs in-house and on the road.

Kilo's long-term vision is to maintain our organic expansion through long-term relationships with customers while aiming to expand into new industries and markets.

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Our aim is to supply with Quality, Integrity & Credibility

Company Partnerships

Kilo has built the business on an honest and positive relationship with our suppliers. We work closely throughout the chain to ensure we get the right product at the right price for our customers. Combined with a reliable delivery solution, we are the option for any functional chemical and food ingredient needs.

And this commitment is ongoing. We continually build new links and strengthen our current manufacturer & partner relationships to provide information and support the business and our customers. We offer the best value for money on your goods through our work.

Price, Quality, Clarity and Transparency combine to make Kilo a unique and premier supplier for all of your ingredients, food preservatives and functional chemical needs.

So contact us and see how we can assist your business. Discover why Kilo is one of the UK's best suppliers of food ingredients, additives, preservatives and functional chemicals today!

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