CAS Number: 13463-67-7

E-Number: E171

EC Number: 236-675-5

Mol. Formula: TiO2

Pack Sizes


25 Kilo Bag Option Titanium Dioxide

Overview: What is Titanium Dioxide?

A white powder with no discernible taste or odour, Titanium Dioxide is manufactured from a range of raw materials and in several ways. Most commonly manufactured from Ilmenite, Rutile and Anatase, the powder is mildly soluble and miscible.

The most popular manufacturing processes are usually a combination of conversion or distillation, followed by a purification process to the required quality grade (Technical, Food, Pharmaceutical etc.). There are variances based on the stock used in production, such as ilmenite, rutile and more, whether by chloride processes or other routes.

The primary application is in its use as a pigment in a wide range of products, ranging from white dyes and toothpaste to porcelain. Its whiteness and molecular structure provide it with another significant benefit. Titanium Dioxide can absorb UVA and UVB rays. As a result, sunscreens and any personal care products that require additional sun protection use Titanium Dioxide.

There is also a range of other pigments available on the market. There is a vast range of colours and combinations that can help any product stand out – whether it is a brilliant white or navy blue. These dyes and pigments are a versatile addition to any arsenal of ingredients. They are available for use in food, pharmaceutical and technical applications upon request. They are also generally found in both a liquid and powder form – giving you real flexibility and suit your application.

Titanium Dioxide at Kilo Ltd.

Kilo's core values - to provide the best product at the most competitive price possible. As such, it is easy to see how Kilo works with our supply of Titanium Dioxide. With a focussed application within multiple industries, Titanium Dioxide is a powerful tool for many businesses up and down the country. To support this, Kilo is promoting the best product within a competitive price for most markets. We do this to supply you with a stable and successful set of raw materials to grow.

So whether you need as little as 25kg up to pallet lots and beyond, know that Kilo is a go-to source for your Titanium Dioxide needs. Should you require more information, prices, or anything else, please get in touch today via telephone on 01384 293 222 or via email using the buttons on this page or our contact form. Get in touch and discover Kilo today.

Industry Applications

Foods | Confectionary, Ice Cream, Food Dyes, Ready Meals
Beverages | Milk, Cream, Beverage Dyes
Pharmaceutical | Sun Cream, Moisturisers, Toothpastes
Industrial | Industrial Cleaners, Surface Care, Paints

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