CAS Number: 68-04-2 / 6132-04-3 (Dihidrate)
6858-44-2 (Pentahydrate)

E-Number: E331

EC Number: 200-675-3

Mol. Formula: NA3C6H5O7

Pack Sizes


5 and 25 Kilo Bag Option Trisodium Citrate

Overview: What is Trisodium Citrate?

Tri-Sodium Citrate is a common acidulant most commonly used in food and beverage businesses throughout the UK. Most mass-produced Tri-Sodium Citrate is manufactured from a range of vegetable sources.

The manufacture of trisodium citrate is rooted in the processes after creating Citric Acid. Once Citric Acid has been manufactured, it is neutralised with sodium hydroxide. After the neutralisation, Trisodium Citrate is produced. As mentioned vegetables are the core source of production, with the fermentation of molasses (or other sugar stocks). This process is why many citric acid manufacturers also stock Trisodium Citrate.

In terms of application, many food and beverage industries that are looking for pH balancing, preservation and like with most acidulants, a mild tart taste use Tri-Sodium Citrate. It is integrated into a range of other products as well. These applications are used within products ranging from baked goods to carbonated drinks, to name one or two.

Additional applications include its use in over the counter pharmaceuticals, surface care, energy drinks, dressings and beyond. This breadth of demand in these industries lead to Tri-Sodium Citrate allows it to be a powerful tool in the UK ingredients market.

Tri-Sodium Citrate is a white to colourless granule or crystalline powder when sold. As a result, you can see why a range of food, beverage and pharmaceutical products throughout the UK use this product.

Trisodium Citrate at Kilo Ltd.

Kilo's core values - to provide the best product at the most competitive price possible. As such, you can see why we stock Tri-Sodium Citrate in and amongst our stocked product range.

As mentioned previously, the broad application set and range of products mean Tri-Sodium Citrate is an essential item to keep in your inventory. As such, you will find Kilo providing this as one of the critical stock items for the business. As a market leader, we supply Tri-Sodium Citrate to businesses throughout the UK and Ireland, providing quality stocks to countless companies.

At Kilo, we are among the market-leading suppliers of Tri-Sodium Citrate in the UK, dealing with leading manufacturers to provide our customers with the best stock possible. Ourselves and our suppliers take pride in supplying the highest quality Tri-Sodium Citrate as standard and focus on delivering it with a customer focussed mantra. Suppose we can provide assurances of our quality and suitability. In that case, we shall do - all while providing this at a competitive price.

As an experienced trader and supplier or Tri-Sodium Citrate in the UK, we are among the leading sources. We have accumulated information throughout our time collaborating with our manufacturing sources. These traits are all to support our customers efficiently and effectively. With this extensive knowledge and our core values of competitive pricing, honesty and flexibility, we aim to create a key location for customers to buy Trisodium Citrate and other products within the UK. And what makes us stand out is that we will not settle for our current level. We will continue to develop and improve in time to make our business more valuable and far more appealing for potential customers. From our store to your manufacturing plant, we will supply Tri-Sodium Citrate to suit your needs in as little as 25kg.

If you do require more information, pricing or anything in between, Kilo is always more than happy to assist where possible. You can contact us by telephone on 01384 293 222. Conversely, emails are available by using the buttons on this page. Get in touch and see how Kilo can help today.

Industry Applications

Foods | Cereals, Bakeries, Desserts, Flavourings, Meats, Sauces, Seasonings, Ready Meals
Beveragge | Alcoholic Drinks, Soft Drinks, Syrups, Sports Drinks
Pharmaceutical | Food Supplements, Over the Counter Medicines
Industrial | Industrial Cleaners, Surface Care

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