CAS Number: 87-99-0

E-Number: E967

EC Number: 201-788-0

Mol. Formula: C5H12O5

Pack Sizes


25 Kilo Bag Option for Xylitol

What is Xylitol?

Xylitol is a versatile and widely used sweetener known for its natural and sugar-like taste. Derived from various plant materials, it has gained popularity as a healthier alternative to traditional sugars due to its unique properties. It is a sugar alcohol that occurs naturally in fruits, vegetables, and other plant sources (such as birch bark).

Manufacturing occurs through hydrogenation, where xylose, a simple sugar derived from plant materials, undergoes conversion through fermentation (among other routes) into Xylitol. The result is a crystalline substance that resembles sugar but has fewer calories and a lower glycemic index.

Xylitol has gained significant traction in the food industry as a sugar substitute. Its natural sweetness makes it an ideal ingredient for several products, including baked goods, confectioneries, chewing gums, and beverages. Xylitol provides a pleasant taste without the typical effects of traditional sugars, making it a popular choice among health-conscious consumers. Xylitol's ability to enhance flavour while reducing sugar content has made it a favoured ingredient in the beverage industry. It is commonly used in sugar-free and low-calorie drinks, providing a refreshing taste without compromising sweetness.

The unique properties of Xylitol extend beyond the food and beverage sectors. Pharmaceutical industries utilize it as a sugar substitute in medications, syrups, and oral care products. Xylitol's tooth-friendly nature makes it a valuable component in dental hygiene products, as it helps prevent tooth decay and promotes oral health. Additionally, the industrial sector uses it in adhesives, coatings, and various chemical processes. Its low hygroscopicity and ability to retain moisture make it an excellent choice for maintaining product stability and enhancing performance.

Xylitol at Kilo Ltd.

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Our wide range of xylitol offerings caters to the demands of the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and industrial sectors. We ensure that our Xylitol adheres to the highest quality standards, providing our customers with a reliable and sustainable solution for their production requirements.

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Industry Applications

Foods | Baked Goods, Ice Cream, Confectionery, Cheesecake
Beverages | Flavoured Water, Soft Drinks
Pharmaceutical | Medicines, Cough Syrup, Chewing Gum, Toothpaste, Supplements
Industrial | Adhesives, Chemical Manufacturing, Coatings


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