CAS Number: 5589-62-3

E-Number: E950

EC Number: 259-715-3

Mol. Formula: C4H4KNO4S

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25 Kilo Bag Options for Acesulfame K

Overview: What is Acesulfame K?

A non-caloric sweetening agent manufactured artificially, Acesulfame K (Ace K) is approximately 200 times sweeter than sugar. The K in Ace K stands for Potassium, one of the materials within the product. Some companies do sell this as Acesulfame Potassium.

The manufacture of Acesulfame K happens through a process where acetoacetic acid reacts with Potassium. Through a range of routes, this combination created Acesulfame K.

As a result, Ace K is stable at a molecular level. This stability results in its application within a range of foods such as baking. It does not degrade under heat, acidic or base conditions whilst also aiding in extended shelf life applications.

As mentioned, this stability means Ace K can be used in products ranging from baked goods to confectionary, carbonated drinks, fruit juices and beyond. As such, sugar-free products and medicines use Acesulfame K to reduce calories, reduce the chance of cavities, diabetes and much more.

Acesulfame K at Kilo Ltd.

As with many sweeteners, you can find Ace K blended with a range of other sweeteners and bulking agents. This includes Aspartame as a common combination to make a blend, which simulates sugar's sweetness more accurately. As previously mentioned, many sweeteners work with Acesulfame K to provide more flexible applications for other sweeteners with their stability.

Additionally, Pharmaceuticals and sports nutrition use Ace K. It is a flexible, sugar and calorie-free alternative for protein powders, medicines and many more.

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Industry Applications

Food & Beverages | Confectionary, Chewing Gum, Low-Sugar Meals
Pharmaceutical | Medicines
Drinks | Fruit Juices, Carbonated Drinks, Alcohol
Sports Nutrition | Protein Blends


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