CAS Number: 9000-30-0

E-Number: E412

EC Number: 232-536-8

Mol. Formula: ---

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25 Kilo Bag Options for Guar Gum

What is Guar Gum?

Guar gum is a mechanically processed, off-white, free-flowing powder used as a thickener and stabilizer in several industries and applications. It is also generally tasteless and odourless in most methods of manufacture.

The production of Guar Gum usually occurs through 4 stages: Dehusking, Hydration, Milling and Screening. The Guar seeds (hence the name) then get milled into a fine powder. The Guar Bean is most commonly grown in India, where approximately 80% of all production occurs.

The most common area of application for Guar Gum is the Food Industry. You will find this as both a thickener and stabilizing agent. The most common products that benefit from this include Yoghurts, Sauces and Gluten-Free Baked Goods (to recreate the texture of Gluten bread.

Additionally, you can find it in industrial plants as a waterproofing, adhesive and density regulator in many applications such as glues, oils and paper manufacturing. Finally, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics use Guar for a similar purpose to the food industry; to bind, thicken and condition products. As a result, you can see Guar Gum within medicines, toothpaste (maintain consistency), shampoos and many more.

Guar Gum at Kilo Ltd.

With Guar Gum being a critical and valued addition to countless products and industries, having a reliable, knowledgeable and honest supplier is essential. Kilo is a vital supplier in the UK, providing a range of volumes to businesses throughout the UK and Ireland in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and industrial industries.

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With our experience and sources, we aim to help with most questions. We can answer through a combination of experience or clarifications with our manufacturing partners to provide you with a reliable set of hands when needing Guar Gum on-site.

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Industry Applications

Foods | Yoghurt, Creams, Sauces, Soups, Gluten Free Baking
Pharmaceutical | Medicines
Cosmetics | Toothpaste, Shampoos, Moisturisers, Body Wash
Industrial | Glues, Oils, Paper Manufacturing


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