CAS Number: 9050-36-6

E-Number: E1400

EC Number: 232-940-4

Mol. Formula: ---

Pack Sizes

25kg bag

25 Kilo Bag Option for Maltodextrin

What is Maltodextrin?

Maltodextrin is a common polysaccharide that is a ready source of glucose. Food, Beverage, Sports Nutrition and Pharma industries all use this ingredient as a critical item within the many blends and formulations. In terms of appearances, Maltodextrin is most commonly sold as a white to off-white spray-dried powder, with a mildly sweet to almost non-existent flavour or odour.

The manufacture of Maltodextrin occurs by the partial hydrolysis of a variety of vegetable starches. Hydrolysis is the chemical breakdown of a product with water. The primary vegetable sources that create Maltodextrin are corn and wheat.

There are many products and applications for Maltodextrin in a range of industries. The most common industry for this is the Food and Beverage trade. Many products use it as a mild sweetener whilst improving the mouthfeel of many (usually low-fat) products. The range includes crisps, jerkies, peanut butter, and many more while minimising the final product's fat content.

Additionally, you can find it within sports pre/post workout mixes, energy drinks, and energy gels to quickly release glucose into the system. Finally, pharmaceutical industries use it as a thickening agent and sugar substitute in countless products, including baby formula.

Maltodextrin at Kilo Ltd.

Because of its variety of applications, it is clear why Maltodextrin is a crucial ingredient. Whether a thickener, sweetener, fat reduction agent or beyond, many businesses use Maltodextrin day in and out. As such, Kilo has become a significant supplier and source of Maltodextrin within the UK. We use this to assist all our customers reliably.

Kilo supply the highest quality ingredients, such as Maltodextrin. It comes from our BRC Accredited warehouse in the heart of the UK. We vet all our suppliers and work closely with them to provide the best product possible. Additionally, we look for all relevant certifications for most customers to give you the right product while supplying it at a competitive price.

As a business, we aim to continually improve our stocks, knowledge and value in as many industries as possible. Whether application, form or any other areas - we will work with you and assist with whatever we can. Our Maltodextrin is cold in as little as 25kg packs up to pallet lots and beyond, with stocks readily available for despatch throughout the country with ease.

Should you need any assistance with Maltodextrin or other products, please get in touch today and discover why many businesses work with Kilo Limited. Feel free to use any of the buttons on the site, contact us on our contact form or call our offices on 01384 293 222 today!

Industry Applications

Foods | Confectionary, Peanut Butter, Jams, Snacks, Jerkies
Beverages | Alcoholic Beverages, Carbonated Drinks, Instant Drinks
Pharmaceutical | Baby Formula, Sugar Replacers
Sports Nutrition | Athetic Powders, Pre/Post Workout Mixes, Energy Drinks, Energy Gels


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