CAS Number: 144-55-8

E-Number: E500

EC Number: 205-633-8

Mol. Formula: NaHCO3

Pack Sizes


25 Kilo Bag Option for Sodium Bicarbonate

Overview: What is Sodium Bicarbonate?

A sodium salt traditionally sold as a white, crystalline powder, Sodium Bicarbonate is a common addition to many industries. Sodium Bicarbonate's taste or odour is slightly salty, alkaline taste, and a similar, albeit milder, odour. When sold, a powder is most common to varying degrees of fineness. However, granules are available. You can see Sodium Bicarbonate within industries ranging from food to pharmaceuticals and even industrial businesses in terms of application.

There are two standard methods of manufacture for Sodium Bicarbonate, Wet and Dry. Most mass manufacture options use the most common wet process. which occurs by infusing carbon dioxide into caustic soda, creating a reaction that forms sodium bicarbonate. Additionally, the dry way is achieved by mining trona ore and processed. These are then separated, purified, washed and dried once thoroughly purified to the correct level.

The most common area of use for Sodium Bicarbonate is within the food industry. More specifically, you find it within baked goods as a leavening agent or as a part of baking powders to name a few. Additionally, other food applications include cooking vegetables to maintain colour, breading and coating for fried goods, and even a meat tenderisation agent.

Other applications include within the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and industrial businesses. These applications can consist of antacids (and other medicines) to react within the body and treat a range of conditions, in cosmetics as a whitening agent, cleansing agent and excipient. Cosmetic products include toothpaste, moisturisers and many more. Finally, Industrial applications are predominantly a cleaning agent for metals, fabrics, wood, and more, such as washing powders, metalworks solutions, and beyond.

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Industry Applications

Foods | Baking, Colour Preservation, Breading, Meats
Industrial | Fabric Cleansing, Metal Cleansing, Wood Cleansing
Pharmaceutical | Medicines, Toothpastes, Moisturisers, Creams, Antacids

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