CAS Number: 87-59-4 or 526-83-0

E-Number: E334

EC Number: ---

Mol. Formula: C4H6O6

Pack Sizes


5 and 25 Kilo Poly Option for Tartaric Acid

Overview: What is Tartaric Acid?

Tartaric Acid is an acid that occurs in a range of fruits, such as grapes, bananas, tamarinds and citrus fruits. The food, beverage and cosmetics industries use it primarily as a means of regulating acidity. It is commonly provided as a white to colourless granule or powder with a distinctive sour taste and odour when manufactured.

The most commonly produced in the L-(+)- Tartaric Acid form either by the, from Lees reaction (a byproduct of fermentation) or through Calcium Tartrate's conversion into Tartaric Acid by treating the Tartrate with Sulphuric Acid. Other types include Racemic Tartaric and Meso-Tartaric Acids, but these are significantly less common.

As an additive in the food and beverage industry, you find Tartaric is commonly used in baking (alongside Sodium Bicarbonate) in baking powders, as an acidity regulator in soft drinks, confectionery. It also imparts a sourness into these goods.

In terms of pharmaceuticals, you can find Tartaric used for a plethora of applications. One of the more common uses is to improve the taste of oral medications (usually when combined with Citric Acid) - an example of this is within cough syrups. Finally, Tartaric Acid is used industrially, such as being a chelating agent in fertilizers like a metal cleaner for aluminium, copper, iron and alloys.

Tartaric Acid at Kilo Ltd.

With its breadth of application, you can find Tartaric Acid in a range of quality levels, which will all bring varying levels of effectiveness in the market. Here at Kilo, we aim to supply high-quality Tartaric Acid to effectively satisfy the rigours of most industries and help you with a solid foundation for production and beyond.

To partner this, we aim for ours and our manufacturing partners standards, to be as high as possible. As such, we are BRC accredited, SEDEX registered whilst aiming for our manufacturers to show us the same strict standards when vetting them for supply.

Here at Kilo, we aim to provide a flexible supply option for our products - from as little as 25kg up to pallet lots and beyond. We can assist from NPD to initial production. We can maintain the same standard as you grow, regardless of where you are in the UK and Ireland.

Should you need more information, would like pricing, or anything else, please feel free to get in touch today on 01384 293 222. Alternatively, you can use the buttons on the page or our contact page, and we will happily assist you.

Industry Applications

Foods | Baking Powders, Confectionary
Beverage | Soft Drinks, Fruit Juices
Pharma. & Cosmetic | Cough Syrups, Medicines
Industrial | Metal Cleaning, Fertilizers

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