CAS Number: 7758-23-8, 10031-30-8 (monohydrate)

E-Number: E341(i)

EC Number: 97-009-0

Mol. Formula: CaH 4P2O8

Pack Sizes

20kg or 25kg bag

25 Kilo Bag Option for Mono Calcium Phosphate

What is Mono Calcium Phosphate?

Mono Calcium Phosphate (MCP) is an inorganic product sold as a white powder. It is a leavening agent with other names like Calcium Acid Phosphate.

The manufacture of MCP occurs most commonly by treating Calcium Hydroxide (or a range of other calcium compounds) with Phosphoric Acid. The result is a material of relatively high purity, as required by some applications that commonly use Mono Calcium Phosphate. From there, the product goes through sieving, milling and testing to ensure quality at both the physical and purity levels.

Monocalcium Phosphate is a leavening agent, as previously mentioned, and also an addition to fertilizers primarily. These main applications make it a powerful addition to countless manufacturers.

There are two application groups for Mono Calcium Phosphate, its application in fertilizers and as a leavening agent in food applications. These applications include most baking powders, self-raising flours and many more. It is usually combined with Sodium Bicarbonate to create carbon dioxide. The combination creates pockets of air and results in bread raising, cakes, pancakes and other products (sometimes used with SAPP).

The other application is within the production of fertilizer. MCP is used within superphosphate fertilizers to provide calcium and phosphorous requirements in soil.

Mono Calcium Phosphate at Kilo Ltd.

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Industry Applications

Foods | Breads, Pancakes, Cakes, Raised Baked Goods
Indsutrial | Fertilizer


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