CAS Number: 532-32-1

E-Number: E211

EC Number: 208-534-8

Mol. Formaula: C7H5NaO2

Pack Sizes

25kg (1250kg Pallets)

25 Kilo Plastic Bag Option for Benzoate

Overview: What is Sodium Benzoate?

Sodium Benzoate is a white, odourless powder or dust-free granule. As the name may suggest, it is a sodium salt of Benzoic Acid. Its main and most common application is as a preserving agent in countless industries and products. As it is not naturally occurring, its closest form is as Benzoic Acid. There are several chemical reactions created to create it. To manufacture Sodium Benzoate, it is most commonly a result of reactions between Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic Soda) and Benzoic Acid. The resulting residue is Sodium Benzoate.

A range of industries commonly use Sodium Benzoate to preserve a range of products. Its preservation properties occur by supplying Benzoic Acid into the final product causing a reduction in the pH – usually to 5 or below. This drop inhibits the growth and survivability of the microbes that can make a range of products spoil and turn.

The most common industries that use this are the food, beverage and cosmetic industries. Some of their products that use Sodium Benzoate include salad dressings, jams, carbonated drinks, fruit juices and moisturisers. There are far more that use them, but countless cosmetics applications add benzoate for an additional benefit. When combined with other items and chemicals, Sodium Benzoate can provide dermal services. Beyond these common industries, Sodium Benzoate is used in medicines to reduce ammonia levels and aid with breathing and headache issues when combined with other products. More unconventional items include within fireworks as part of a "whistling mix" that provides a noise when ignited.

Sodium Benzoate at Kilo Ltd.

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Industry Applications

Foods | Dressings, Jams
Beverages | Soft Drinks, Fruit Juices
Cosmetics | Moisturisers, Hand Sanitizers, Shampoos, Lotions
Pharmaceutical | Medicinal Preservatives, Ammonia Regulation
Industrial | Fireworks


This information is provided as a guide and is by no means legally binding. Suggestions on dosage rates, specific applications and anything else related to detailed quality information can be provided by our quality team or requested directly to our manufacturer.