CAS Number: 532-32-1

E-Number: E211

EC Number: 208-534-8

Mol. Formaula: C7H5NaO2

Pack Sizes


25kg Kilo Bag Option for Sodium Benzoate

What is Sodium Benzoate?

Sodium Benzoate is a common food additive used as a preservative to prevent the growth of bacteria, yeast, and fungi in various applications. It is the sodium salt of benzoic acid, a naturally occurring compound in many fruits and spices. Sodium Benzoate is effective in acidic environments and is commonly used in acidic food and beverage products, such as soft drinks, pickles, and salad dressings, to increase their shelf life.

The manufacturing of Sodium Benzoate occurs through a chemical process that involves reacting benzoic acid with sodium hydroxide or sodium bicarbonate. The reaction results in the formation of a sodium salt of benzoic acid, which is then purified and dried into a powder form. The manufacturing process of Sodium Benzoate involves stringent quality control measures to ensure the final product is of high purity and quality.

Sodium Benzoate, has various applications as a preservative in the UK across different industries. In the food and beverage industry, it prevents the growth of bacteria, yeast, and fungi in acidic products such as soft drinks, pickles, and sauces. It is added to fruit juices, jams, and jellies to increase their shelf life. Finally, margarine and other fat spreads use Sodium Benzoate to prevent spoilage.

The pharmaceutical industry uses Sodium Benzoate as a preservative to prevent the growth of microorganisms in medications, creams, and ointments. It is a component in the manufacture of some drugs.

In the cosmetic industry, Sodium Benzoate is used as a preservative in skincare products, shampoos, and conditioners to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi. Additionally, Sodium Benzoate in industrial applications becomes a rust and corrosion inhibitor and a dye intermediate in certain dyes and pigments.

Sodium Benzoate at Kilo Ltd.

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Industry Applications

Foods | Dressings, Jams
Beverages | Soft Drinks, Fruit Juices
Pharmaceutical | Medicinal Preservatives, Ammonia Regulation
Cosmetics | Moisturisers, Hand Sanitizers, Shampoos, Lotions
Industrial | Fireworks


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