CAS Number: 126-96-5

E-Number: E262

EC Number: 204-814-9

Mol. Formula: NaH(C2H3O2)2

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25 Kilo Bag Option for Sodium Diacetate

Overview: What is Sodium Diacetate?

An antimicrobial agent, Sodium Diacetate is a salt of Acetic Acid used most commonly in the food and beverage industries sold as a colourless to white crystal and powder. Its odour and taste are akin to a blend of salt and vinegar.

The manufacturing process occurs by neutralising Acetic Acid with an evaporating agent. When they react, a product is created more acidic than even the concentrated forms of acetic acid. The chemical reaction is as below:

2CH3CO2H + NaOH = Na+[(CH3CO2)2H]- + H2O

The result is a stable crystal. Sodium Diacetate does not exist significantly as a solution, as its benefits are most effective as a solid.

Sodium Diacetate has two primary uses - as a preservative and a flavouring in foods and other foods. As mentioned earlier, it has a taste similar to salt and vinegar. With this, you can find it within foods such as crisps, snacks and flavour blends. Other applications include preserving meat and grain, regulating acidity in food, pharmaceuticals and even some cosmetics.

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Industry Applications

Foods | Meats, Snacks, Flavour Blends, Bread
Cosmetics | Moisturisers, Creams, Oils

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