CAS Number: 7647-14-5

E-Number: ---

EC Number: 231-598-3

Mol. Formaula: NaCl

Pack Sizes


25 Kilo Plastic Bag Option for Salt

Overview: What is Salt?

Salt is one of the most commonly used ingredients – with a diverse range of types, grades, sizes, sources and styles available. These can range of sources, whether mined or evaporated from seawater and the locale of its sourcing. These types all have slightly different properties that affect their use within various industries, whether in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and industrial ranges.

It is a crucial component of many recipes within the food industry as salt is one of the five most basic tastes. As such, it is commonly used both as a flavouring and preservation agent. You can find this in a wide variety of meals, foods, sauces and much more. It has been used for centuries to extend shelf life and minimise bacterial and microbial life through salting and drying with preservation.

Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic businesses use salt for its range of properties. For one example, toothpaste manufacturers use salt as a deodoriser and polishing agent. Beyond this, you can find salt as a common ingredient in the remedy and relief of dry, itchy skin while also adding exfoliation and toning properties. Suppose you were to enter more industrial circles. In that case, you will also find this being used in the manufacture of PVC, plastic and rubber products throughout the year and as a de-icing agent in the cold, snowy and icy weather.

Salt at Kilo Ltd.

Here at Kilo, we stock both PDV and Rock Salt on-site in Kingswinford and deal in almost all Salt types and supply companies throughout the UK. We supply volumes ranging from a single 25kg bag to pallet lots and far more to suit your needs. As a highly accredited supplier, all of our sources are vetted to maintain our standards and provide you with the product required and provide you with peace of mind.

So, should you require information, pricing or anything in between, get in touch today and discover why Kilo is the go-to supplier for all of your ingredient, additive and preservative supply needs. Just click the button on the side of the window to get in touch today!

Industry Applications

Foods | Soups, Dressings, Sauces, Meat
Cosmetics | Shampoos, Moitsurisers, Deodorants, Toothpaste, Skin Toner
Pharmaceutical | Saline
Industrial | Fireworks


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