CAS Number: 110-44-1

E-Number: E200

EC Number: ---

Mol. Formula: C6H8O2

Pack Sizes


25 kg Kilo Bag Option for Sorbic Acid

What is Sorbic Acid?

A naturally occurring organic acid, Sorbic Acid is a common food preservative, effective against bacteria, yeasts, and moulds, preserving foods and beverages to prevent spoilage. It is also a preservative in the pharmaceutical and industrial sectors.

The manufacture of Sorbic Acid is a chemical process. The resulting product is then treated with sodium hydroxide to produce the potassium or Calcium Salt of Sorbic Acid, commonly used in food preservation. Monitoring this process occurs to maintain high purity and quality standards.

Sorbic is a versatile preservative widely used in the food industry to prevent the growth of bacteria, yeasts, and moulds, commonly used in baked goods, cheese, meat, and other processed foods. Additionally, the beverage industry uses Sorbic Acid to preserve wine, cider, and soft drinks. The UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) regulates Sorbic Acid in food and drink products.

The cosmetic industry uses Sorbic Acid to preserve personal care products, such as creams, lotions, and shampoos. Pharmaceutical businesses use it in topical medications for preservation and shelf life extension.

Finally, Sorbic Acid is also within industrial applications. It is added to paints, coatings, and adhesives to prevent spoilage. Regulation of Sorbic Acid occurs through the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in UK Industrial applications.

Sorbic Acid at Kilo Ltd.

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Industry Applications

Foods | Baked Goods, Yoghurts, Cheeses, Dried Meats
Beverages | Creams, Wine, Cider, Beer, Soft Drinks
Cosmetic | Lipstick, Moisturisers, Shampoo, Soaps
Industrial | Rubber, Plastics, Lubricants


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