CAS Number: 110-44-1

E-Number: E200

EC Number: ---

Mol. Formula: C6H8O2

Pack Sizes


25 Kilo Bag Option for Sorbic Acid

Overview: What is Sorbic Acid?

Sorbic Acid is a food additive initially isolated from the unripe berries of the rowan tree. It is traditionally a colourless solid that is soluble and also transfers to a gas (sublimates) easily. In terms of its form, it is an acidic product and a salt in its composition.

Traditional manufacturing routes of Sorbic Acid occurs by condensing malonic Acid and trans-butenal. However, a more commercial manufacturing option occur by condensing crotonaldehyde and ketene, producing approximately 30,000 tonnes per year (based on 2011 figures). The specific process of the ketene occurs by cooling, distilling and centrifuging before being purified. This purification occurs by dissolving, filtering, centrifuging before finally drying and sifting for sale. These routes of manufacture result in a product that is stable and valuable throughout the UK.

Sorbic Acid's pH and form make it a powerful preservative and anti-microbial agent. This is in a similar vein to Potassium Sorbate. This preservation not only prevents microbes alongside moulds, yeast and fungi. These properties come from the acidity Sorbic Acid provides, lowering the pH of a product below a pH of 6.5.

Sorbic Acid is commonly added to a range of food, beverage, and even industrial products with its preservative and anti-microbial properties. Products that use Sorbic Acid include bread, cheeses, soft drinks, moisturisers, to name a few and, Rubber, Plasticisers and lubricants also use Sorbic as an additive and intermediary.

Sorbic Acid at Kilo Ltd.

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Industry Applications

Foods | Baked Goods, Yoghurts, Cheeses, Dried Meats
Beverages | Creams, Wine, Cider, Beer, Soft Drinks
Cosmetic | Lipstick, Moisturisers, Shampoo, Soaps
Industrial | Rubber, Plastics, Lubricants


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