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Pack Sizes

20kg or 25kg

25 Kilo Bag Option for Soya Protein

Overview: What is Soya Protein?

Soya Protein is a common addition to a range of industries. A high protein product isolated from soybeans and is known as one of the more protein-dense products.

The manufacture of Soya Protein occurs through the breakdown and processing of soybean husks. The breakdown occurs through aqueous extraction by a mildly alkaline (below pH 9). This extraction is then clarified by acidifying the product. The resulting protein-curd is neutralised before being immobilised and leached into the final concentration percentage, with 80% is being the most popular.

Following this, the protein-curd can produce many variations of soya protein. The most common is a powder, but there are also textured proteins, granular and beyond.

Its high protein content is used primarily to boost protein levels in many products. These can range from kebab meats through to vegetarian food options and the more traditional ranges. Its wide breadth of application is made more apparent due to its non-animal source, making it a strong vegetarian protein source. Being easily soluble and miscible, you can add this to several liquids to create protein-rich mixes for consumption.

Soya Protein at Kilo Ltd.

You can find soya protein in a range of consumer goods. These range from protein powders, drinks, and shakes to salad dressings, sauces, soups, cheeses, cereals, pasta, and several frozen ready meals. Its composition, versatility and many benefits make it a highly beneficial addition to many current and future products.

Being a key supplier of Soya Protein to the UK and Ireland, we focus on providing our customers with the best product possible at a competitive price. Whether you need a single bag or pallet lots, we hold this on-site within our BRC Accredited and state-of-the-art warehouse. The standard product available on-site here at Kilo is Soya Protein Isolate 90%.

We supply this and many other alternatives from our sources that are vetted and meeting the highest standards.

Should you require any more details, pricing or anything in between, we are happy to assist you with everything possible. We can take quotations, questions and more using the buttons on this page, or we are available to call on 01384 293 222 today.

Industry Applications

Foods | Salad Dressings, Sauces, Soups, Cheeses, Pastas, Frozen Meals, Doner Kebabs
Sports Nutrition | Protein Bars, Protein Shakes, Blends, Preworkout Mixes


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