CAS Number: 58-08-2

E-Number: ---

EC Number: ---

Mol. Formula: C8H10N4O2

Pack Sizes


25 Kilo Bag Option for Caffeine

Overview: What is Caffeine?

A nerve stimulant, Caffeine is a product used widely throughout the world in countless products. When manufactured for production in other goods, it is sold as a white, crystalline and bitter powder.

In nature, you can find Caffeine in a range of nuts, plants and seeds, usually within Africa, Eastern Asia and South America. It is used in plants as a mean to protect them from animals and competition from nearby plants. A typical example is the coffee bean.

Synthetic Caffeine undergoes a range of steps to become the product we know in production. It initially starts with Ammonia conversion. Various other changes occur until the raw "caffeine" is created. It is then rinsed with sodium Nitrite, Acetic Acid, Sodium carbonate and Chloroform to remove a mild glow that comes through during manufacture. Following this, it is milled, sieved and purified to become Caffeine.

Most companies use Caffeine primarily to increase their customers' energy (through Caffeine's use as a stimulant). As such, you can find this in a range of sports nutrition, pre and post work out supplements. Additionally, medicines also use Caffeine to aid with this. Food and beverage companies also have a similar use, but traditionally within smaller doses such as within most noticeable in carbonated drinks.

Caffeine at Kilo Ltd.

As a Caffeine source in the UK, Kilo supplies this to countless companies, from small manufacturers to blue-chip businesses. This is supplied in 20kg and 25kg packs. We source our products from manufacturers throughout the world who adhere to the highest standards and are certified to prove this.

This ties into our BRC accreditation. We aim to work hard with our partners to give our customers the best products at competitive prices.

Should Caffeine be of interest, or should you need anything else as well, please feel free to get in touch and see how Kilo can help today. We are available by telephone on 01384 293 222 or using the many buttons on this page and the general website. We will get back to you and answer any questions as soon as possible.

Industry Applications

Foods | Confectionary, Ready Meals
Beverage | Canned Coffee and Tea, Carbonated Soft Drinks
Pharmaceutical | Caffeine Supplementation, Non-Drowsy Medicines
Sports Nutrition | Pre and Post Workout Mixes, Energy Drinks
Cosmetics | Moisturisers, Shampoos

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