CAS Number: 10034-99-8

E-Number: ---

EC Number: 231-298-2

Mol. Formula: MgO4S

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25 Kilo Bag Options for Epsom Salts

What is Epsom Salt?

Magnesium Sulfate, commonly known as Epsom Salt, is a nearly white, hygroscopic salt with no discernible taste or odour. Agricultural, food and pharmaceutical products throughout the UK use Epsom Salts widely.

There are two primary means of manufacturing Epsom Salts. The first route is directly obtaining it from dry lake beds and similar sources. The other is more industrial - by reacting either Magnesia or Magnesite with Sulfuric Acid. Both routes end with purification, cleaning, drying and milling before packing.

Whether in medicines, agriculture, food, and beverage, Magnesium Sulfate has countless applications within these industries. Firstly, you can use Epsom Salts in a range of medications and treatments in bath salts to soothe aching muscles and from drawing pastes, asthma, and eclampsia and supplement low magnesium levels.

Additionally, it is a crucial addition to agricultural applications as an addition to fertilizers. Most solutions and blends are pH neutral when added into soils as a safe bet for nutrients without affecting the pH levels. Finally, food and beverage companies use magnesium sulfate as a brewing salt and a coagulant to create tofus.

Epsom Salt at Kilo Ltd.

Kilo supplies Epsom Salts to companies throughout the UK, focusing on efficiency and customer-focused quality. Our BRC, Kosher accreditations and SEDEX registration show our aims to be the best supplier throughout the country. We aim to provide the best quality stocks at a competitive price. With orders ranging from single 25kg bags to bulk deliveries, we are on hand to help.

Our Magnesium Sulfate sources are highly accredited and provide extensive information regarding their production and testing to assure their quality from start to finish.

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Industry Applications

Food & Beverages | Brewing, Tofu
Pharmaceutical | Bath Salts, Medicines, Asthma Treatment
Industrial | Fertilisers


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