CAS Number: 584-07-4 or 6381-79-9 (Sesquihydrate)

E-Number: E501(i)

EC Number: 209-529-3

Mol. Formula: K2CO3

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25 Kilo Bag Option for Potassium Carbonate

What is Potassium Carbonate?

A soluble, inorganic powder, Potassium Carbonate is a mildly salty and metallic-tasting product commonly supplied to food, beverage and industrial applications throughout the UK and Ireland.

Producing Potassium Carbonate occurs by reacting Potassium Hydroxide and Carbon Dioxide, creating the below reaction:

2KOH + CO2 -> K2CO3 + H2O

Once this solution has reacted fully (Sesquihydrate), it is dried to over 200oC, creating the dry, anhydrous salt used by businesses.

Potassium Carbonate is an additive in soaps and more of an agent to neutralise pH. This neutralising feature makes it useful in foods and drinks. The range includes gingerbread, cocoa powder and oriental dishes such as moon cakes, noodles and more.

Beyond these, mead and wine production also use Potassium Carbonate as a buffering agent due to its stability in the fermentation process. Other applications include an acidity regulator, fire suppressant and feed additive.

Potassium Carbonate at Kilo Ltd.

Businesses up and down the UK and Ireland find value in using Potassium Carbonate for their manufacturing needs. Kilo is a BRC Accredited supplier working with high-quality sources worldwide. Whether a single bag, a pallet or beyond, Kilo is here to assist.

If this is of use, or if you require additional pricing, details or anything in between, we are happy to assist. Feel free to contact us via the website or our skilled sales team. You can do this by email or by calling on 01384 293 222.

Industry Applications

Foods | Cocoa Powder, Baked Goods, Confectionery, Moon Cakes, Noodles
Beverages | Mead, Wines
Cosmetics | Soaps, Moisturisers, Creams
Industrial | Buffering Agent, Fertilizer, Fire Extinguishers

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