CAS Number: 77632-00-0

E-Number: E250

EC Number: 231-555-9

Mol. Formula: NaNO2

Pack Sizes


25 Kilo Bag Option for Sodium Nitrite

Overview: What is Sodium Nitrite?

Sodium Nitrite is a salty product that appears as a white to yellowish crystalline powder. It is a versatile precursor to products in multiple industries and a common additive for fish and meats.

The production of Sodium Nitrite occurs in two main ways: reducing Nitrate Salts or the oxidation of other nitrogen sources. The reductive option usually combines Sodium Nitrate with lead or scrap iron filings, which react to convert the Nitrite into Nitrate. The alternative option is reacting nitrogen oxides into an aqueous, alkaline solution with a variety of catalysts. The condition for this reaction varies based on the final product, however.

Applications for Sodium Nitrite are usually either industrial or food-based. Industrially, Nitrites are used as a precursor to dyes, detinning, as a grease additive and even a heat transfer agent, for hot and cold uses. Food companies use it, however, as a primary curing agent for meat and fish. This curing, however, imparts a slight pink tinge to the final product. Some information highlights this as a safer option as Nitrites inhibit microbial growth, although it is not well documented.

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Industry Applications

Foods | Meat Processing & Curing
Industrial | Fertilizers, Thermal Storage, Pyrotechnics, Smoke Bombs, Glass, Enamels, Rocket propellant

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